Nail Polish

I’ve had a bottle of pink nail polish on my vanity for about two weeks…. its a really nice bottle of gel polish that I got after signing three clients in one week. Little things, you know?

But it’s still there. Unused. And my nails, are a disaster haha! Chipped, broken… in fact, as I was wrapping a new mamas belly this week, all I kept seeing were my ugly nails as I tied the ties and spun the wrap around her midsection…

Of course, then I looked up at the beautiful mama with her perfect curly hair, her sweet smile and the new baby asleep on the couch next to us- his little hands relaxed and arms flat on the cushion- totally content…. I was forced- and gratefully so, to refocus.

A few hours earlier she had been crying, so worried that her baby wasn’t getting enough to eat, that she wasn’t making enough milk, that the formula she was using wasn’t the best food for him… but my co worker and good friend, Samantha, and I had both been working very hard to help this mom see her intuition was valuable over the last two days… to see that her instincts were good, that she was perfect as a woman and mother- regardless of how her baby was fed and whether or not her milk ever came in (It did!).

And now, she was smiling.

We moms, and women in general, tend to only see the broken bits of ourselves, and miss the 99% of us thats perfect, skilled, amazing, thoughtful, even genius… we see a broken nail and unused polish instead of the happy mom in front of us who feels confident now because we believe in her…

Robert Frost said, “How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?”

You know? It occurs to me that we are good enough. Good enough with chipped nails, and unused polish and slow milk or no milk and single, married, working or not, tired, busy, fried, overwhelmed, perfect, beautiful, ugly, big, small, curly or frizzy hair, medicated or unmedicated….

Good Enough.

You are a good mom.

You are great, right now. Today. I see you.


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